Proactive participants

Proactive ways to helping the bees.

-Attend meetings in your local communities about topics that interest/concern you.

-Voice your concerns where they will have the most impact and potential for change.

-Work on your personal solution to contribute as individuals.

-Propose ideas, create campaigns, use technology / web services to reach others, help raise awareness with us! :) 


Volunteering is a great way to network with others, learn areas of interest, and build new life skills to grow from. Volunteering through networks like WWOOF and Hippohelp are a great ways to help farmers and by helping farmers, you are helping the bees as well. 


Become a beekeeper


Beekeeping is a great way to contribute to regrowing our planets bee colonies.
It's like being a silent superhero. You are helping the bees and plant life around you and nobody knows its because of your bees.


Grow an amazing garden!

Gardens can be an amazing thing for a family or individual with space to grow plant life. Flowering plans attract all kinds of wildlife because the nectar and pollen are a food source. Growing fruits or vegetables is mutually beneficial for you as well as other insect pollinators like the bees. Plants have different range of care that they need but there are many simple plants and tips for planting for people beginning a garden.