Who we are

We are people who feel a sense of love and connectivity when surrounded by nature. 
We are conscious about our thoughts and understand how our actions ripples beyond the here and now. We want to impact the world in a positive light to collectively save the bees and life on our little blue planet. 

We aim to bridge the gap between bees and agriculture. If not for the bees, most surface life on our planet would die off. We want to encourage people to start taking immediate action for change. Through beautifully informative and creative content, it is our goal to inspire and encourage an agricultural revolution of sustainable beekeepers and organic farmers worldwide. 

We want people to take action into their own hands as individuals while working remotely together as a collective.

Why we save bees

Food  binds every living thing on our planet together.  We need a variety of foods to say healthy and every living thing eats. Countless numbers of species rely on the bees to pollenate plants on our planets surface. If the bees were to become extinct, so would the human race and most surface life on earth. 


Want to become involved?